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Studa- Students' Digital Assistant for IIUM Privacy Policies

Respecting my users' privacy is something I find serious. Since I started to making Studa, I've aspired to build the application with a set of strong privacy principles in mind. This application act as a medium of interaction between IIUM Students and Src. I develop this application to narrow down the communication gap between students and src in mind. Students can receive news and updates from src (Gombak, Kuantan and Pagoh), send a report to src members. This application also bundle some features such as important links and contact for easy access, Src's official facebook page and also for future developments. Privacy Concern Studa did not collect any information from the users.  Permissions Studa required contact permission to access user's Gmail account (logged-in for their Android phone) for OAuth services. This application uses Google OAuth services to access the database (for Src news and students' reports database), it requires contact permission (