My name is Muhammad Ku Sukry bin Muhammad Mustafa a f
reelance Mobile App Developer with a portfolio since 2015. Check out my portfolio at Google Playstore

Experienced in:

1. Native Android app development
2. Flutter app development
3. Ui/Ux design
4. App store optimization (ASO)

I'm also a graduate in Electronics Engineering (Master's degree) who has background knowledge in semiconductors, electronics, and space radiation. I also have decent skills in doing research. My previous research is related to the investigation of the 4T CMOS Active Pixel Sensor (APS) read-out circuit for the Radiation Environment.

I believe in knowledge is the key to success and one shouldn't limit himself/herself to a specific field of knowledge. So I constantly challenge myself to explore new things. Below are some of the Hackathon and competitions that I've participated in:

• Dyson Award (2020): link
• MaGIC AgriTech & FoodTech Bootcamp (2019)
• Rebooting The Earth by UNTIL (2019)
• Forest City Hackathon (2017)
• Selangor Smart City & Future Commerce Hackathon (2017)
• JomHack Smart Cities with LoRA (2016)
• K-fiqh Konvensyen Fiqh Medik - Head Protocol (2014)
• Participate in Digi Challenge for Change 2013 under the category of Judge's choice (2013)
• Volunteer at Global Peace Mission
• World Varsity Engineering Challenge IIUM - Asst. Head Entrepreneur Bureau (2011)
• Inter-school Engineering Challenge (ISEC) IIUM - Head Public Relation and Sponsorship (2010)
• Malaysia International Halal Showcase

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