Privacy Policy: Mesej Je, Mesej Je Lite and Mesej Pro

This is a privacy policy applicable for all Mesej Je for WhatsApp (Mesej Je) variants including Mesej Je Lite and Mesej Je Pro About Developer I'm Muhammad Ku Sukry bin Muhammad Mustafa (Private Entrepreneur: 002566109-T), located in Malaysia.  Respecting my users' privacy is something I find serious. Since I started making Mesej Je for WhatsApp, I've aspired to build the application with a set of strong privacy principles in mind. Mesej Je provides users the possibility to WhatsApp messages without having the problem to save the phone number in their contact or broadcasting/inviting someone to a group without saving the contact numbers. Suitable for the user who does not have the necessity to save a contact number (for WhatsApp).  Information. Mesej Je did not collect any private information from the users. The services are done locally from the user's mobile phone. No data will be forwarded to third parties except for users who join the proxy network program (s